Stacey Fuessinger, founder and owner of Just Bead It, started this fantabulous business in 1993.  For over 20 years, her business has brought many smiles to kids and adults…giving them a new, and addicting, hobby!  At first, it began as a “make your own” jewelry for kids.  But as the years went by, it has progressed to more of a mature, yet still fun and kid-friendly place.

Stacey first opened Just Bead It, or JBI to others, in Surf City, NJ.  YAY for the Jersey Shore!  A beloved area to many, especially Stacey, she decided to live and start her business on Long Beach Island.  From then on, many locals, travelers, vacationers…(pretty much everyone) realized that beading is not just plastic beads on string (as many non beaders would think), but it is more of an art.  Just Bead It carries Czech Glass beads, Vintage Beads, Semi Precious Stones, Gemstones, Sterling Silver, Delicas, Super Duos, shell, charms and much, much more!  The options are endless!  It can be overwhelming at first, but once you learn the basics, it can be very relaxing and therapeutic.

After success in Surf City, Just Bead It expanded to the south end of Long Beach Island.  After a few moves around the south end of LBI, our current location of our “purple store” is our year round home of Just Bead It-1305 Long Beach blvd., North Beach Haven.

Just Bead It has gone through a fire, mini earthquake, and flood (mainly at our North Beach Haven store!), but all we can say is…”BEAD STRONG.”  Things can knock us down, but we manage to get right back up again, becoming stronger and stronger each time.

It’s never a dull moment here at Just Bead It 😉